Our Mission & Vision

Building and Sustaining Internal Cultures of Learning

Aeon /ˈiːɒn/, noun: Life, vital force, being of light; Generation, a period of time; Ages, forever, timeless, for eternity

We chose Aeon as the name for the organization because of its representation as an ethereal guide that helps navigate in moments of obstacles. It aligns with our trauma-informed and healing clinic. A safe space.


Aeon Counseling & Consulting exists to strengthen the ability of individuals and organizations to achieve their missions.


Our vision is that every person and organization creates, embraces, and supports a culture of learning in the service of its mission.


We believe the following to be true and are committed to a strong belief that organizations and their staff benefit from the creation of a Culture of Learning, the promotion of Equality, investment in Professional DevelopmentAccess to professional development without financial constraints, and Empathy.

  • Culture of Learning –We believe that all social service establishments should have a culture of learning that values the continued growth and development of staff in the service of the establishment’s mission.
  • Equality – We believe that by promoting equality at all levels, mission-driven organizations are better equipped to show their commitment to all constituents by focusing inward and outward in the execution of their mission.
  • Professional Development – We believe investment in professional development has the following benefit to organizations:
    • Staff are able to fully serve their communities by providing best practices and
    • Staff at all levels are seen as valuable contributors to the success of their organizations.
  • Access – We believe administrations should have the ability to support the professional development of their staff without financial constraints.
  • Empathy – We believe that when individuals at all levels of the company are able to experience and relate to one another healthy work environments are created in which cooperation, understanding, openness and safety exist.

By: Jenn Nakhai, LICSW