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AEON’s couples counseling center offers couples therapy to couples who may be experiencing challenges in their relationships. Couples therapy is essentially designed to mitigate the effects of suppressed anger and detachment before irreparable damage occurs.

By visiting AEON’s relationship therapy center at Lynn, you can be sure to flesh out these hidden issues in your relationship and resolve whatever issues you both may have.

Still in doubt, visit the couples counseling center today or call AEON, and we’ll be more than happy to listen to you.

7 Ways that couples counseling can help you to regain happiness with your spouse.

Can couples therapy help me to save my marriage?

Couple’s therapy can be one of the last resorts people use to determine the future of their relationships. This can happen while the couple seeks help or while individuals in partnerships seek their own counseling. This is a prevalent reason folks engage in couple’s work, mainly to determine a relational goal. We like to discuss a varied range of topics, including “uncoupling,” a couple’s therapy can help better organize the disintegration of a relationship. This is particularly helpful for couples with children.

Can marriage counseling help us feel the love that we shared at the beginning of our relationship?

It can and it can feel even better at times. The goal is not to bring people back to the beginning sensations of an experience but to improve upon their perception while deepening the bonds in their attachment through education around all the styles of attachments available and emotional “feedback loops.’

How can marriage counseling help us to regain trust after my spouse cheated on me?

  • Hear us out on this one! We always describe infidelity in relationships as “opportunities” for growth and understanding. If this has happened in your relationship, don’t worry. It is the leading cause for couples to seek help and offers you a new chance to look at the circumstances around the event and what to do differently/watch out for in the future.
  • As controversial as it sounds, it’s actually after an episode of cheating that most couples regroup to determine the feasibility of their relationship’s survival. It’s a crossroads that could literally make or break a marriage! Most long-standing marriages have struggled with topics like these and continue to choose each other, learning more about each other’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial needs. Abuse will never be tolerated.

My spouse's ex is sabotaging our marriage. Would marriage counseling help us deal with it?

Marriage and Family Counseling can help bring people together to solve problems by holding a space for safe discussion with a professional. Other people’s influence in your marriage can be addressed during treatment sessions and are encouraged to be handled collectively.

How can couples counseling help when we are dealing with a severe illness?

Severe illnesses (medical or psychiatric) can be detrimental to the survival of any relationship. This can come on abruptly or slowly over time. Talking to a mental health professional can have a two-fold benefit when this happens as it provides expert consultation in the moment and referrals to primary care or another specialist. Oftentimes, people in relationships struggle to find services for their spouses as they can often be met with resistance. Couple’s therapy is an easy way to motivate and engage a partner who would have never trusted the treatment process all on their own. Couple’s therapy builds networks of mutual support so that you never feel alone in facing a problem. It’s better when we do this as a team. In cases of psychiatric emergencies, please contact your local Emergency Psychiatric Service Provider.

How can couples therapy help with the stress of working from home in 2021?

2020 challenged us to meet new demands as our world faces unprecedented stressors, in particular around familial, friendly, and romantic attachments. That election didn’t help! As our spaces became smaller, the people in close proximity to each other found that they either enjoyed deepening their love for one another OR that they didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives with their ‘quarantine partner.’ As divorce rates skyrocket and our legal system becomes burdened/clogged by new community needs for divorce, some folks have been able to utilize their time effectively by investing in their relationships. Couple’s therapy is a type of investment tool that helps in solidifying communication, encouraging mutual support, and often setting new relational goals. Couple’s therapy is never detrimental and can aid in breaking a family unit – in a healthy way.

For further reading/learning: Please see the article written on Daily Item by Jenn Nakhai, LICSW about the effects of COVID-19 on relationships. (insert link here). Also, see Quarantined Dating Podcast by Aeon. (insert link here)

Note of Caution* Couple’s counseling is not medically recommended for couples currently experiencing substance dependence or active domestic violence in any form. (insert link to HAWC program locally and BARCC for MA residents)

Can couples therapy help first responders with the extra stress on their marriage caused by the covid crisis?

Absolutely! Psychotherapy works to relieve pressure on all individuals who participate. If you are a first responder, thank you for your service. Now let’s take care of you and yours for a change! We have been offering Telehealth service options since the opening of Aeon in 2016. We have found it to be a lifesaving tool (especially during COVID times) as it facilitates therapy in the home for people with busy schedules or remote, rural locations. We believe in creating access for people who have never had the chance to join traditional psychotherapy. Unconventional, but its impact has been felt worldwide in the last decade. Telehealth is the new healthcare wave of the future.

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