At Aeon Counseling & Consulting, we are always looking for passionate, dedicated professionals to contribute to our mission and to help us providing mental help services, especially to those in underprivileged conditions.

Psychotherapist Jobs Massachusetts
Right now, we are growing our team by onboarding the following professionals:



Job description:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Online Bilingual Psychotherapist
  • Online Non-Bilingual Psychotherapist


Job Details: Independent Contractor

Job Type: Consultant

Aeon Counseling is a group mental health practice located in Boston, Massachusetts. We are looking for independent contractors /  licensed psychotherapists (PhD, PsyD, EdD, LICSW, LMFT, LADC, or LMHC) to join our team.

We are a just and equitable group practice that values community, cultivating consciousness, decolonizing mental healthcare, and providing quality mental health services to WOC, LGBTQ+ and BIPoC folk.

We actively work to create an environment with opportunities for mentoring, learning, and advancement. Candidate must conceptualize from an intersectional perspective, utilize culturally informed interventions, have an interest in working with WoC, LGBTQ+ and BIPoC communities, as well as have a niche(s) (e.g., couples, trauma, work stress, family, etc.) or is interested in developing a niche.

*independent license required*

Licensure candidates are encouraged to apply.

Full Job Description:

Due to tremendous growth and our fast-building Massachusetts offices, Aeon Counseling is hiring!

COVID-19 considerations:

With the recent uncertainty, please know that Aeon Counseling already has an established HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform! We are currently looking to hire new clinicians that will start remotely, but in the future also be available for some office days.

We are ONLY seeking the independently and fully licensed mental health professionals in Massachusetts:

Compensation: 50% of all consulting and counseling claims

What We Give:

-Community Demand, we are responding to our community’s current needs and we offer the highest quality psychotherapy options.

-High Client Demand – ability to build robust schedule quickly

-Flexibility with your schedule – you can choose your hours any day of the week

-Opportunities to earn CEUs and bonus incentives

-Access to “motivated” patient population

-Opportunities for paid clinical supervisory roles

-In-house professional development

-We credential you!

-Administrative Support team for scheduling and client service with extended hours

-Customized Marketing, learn the ins and outs of our industry

-Autonomy but with access to case consultation

-Amazing team culture and clinical support

-Career advancement opportunities as a contractor in our sector that can lead to marketable skills in new specialties

-Brand pride

What We Need:

Clinicians who are looking to build to a minimum of 15 hours of availability per week

A true partnership

Individuals who enjoy being a part of a team and working together to professionally develop

Psychotherapists that may be looking to grow into leadership roles/supervisors

Behavioral health generalists and specialists – willing to see couples/families and has a wide array of strengths in treatment.

Self-guided determination to complete your notes inside of 24 hours

Strong character matters – integrity, honesty, adaptability, and quality of care to name a few

Who we are – about Aeon Counseling:

Aeon is a clinician-owned, all-female-led, and managed national outpatient mental health private practice group.

We are currently operating in 10 states and are continuing to expand

Corporate headquartered in Lynn, MA

Our mission here at Aeon Counseling is to propel our therapists in private practice and help people live happier, healthier, more successful lives—or, in other words, thrive! We believe that everyone can benefit from working with a skilled therapist and strive to ensure that people all across the country have that very opportunity.



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