Individual Psychotherapy And Physical Health Part II

Individual Psychotherapy And Physical Health

When Jesenia Morales opened Romeo’s Smoothies & Juices in October 2019, it also opened up possibilities for the expansion of her company, her empire.

With her efforts and the support of her close family, she opened her natural juice and shake shop, a center where herbs, spices, oils, and even shared community spaces can be accessed to promote “catering” or food service for events such as Salem Gnu Kitchen with Erika Ayube (

Romeo’s Smoothies & Juices provides juices for body cleansing, shakes, natural juices, pop-ups for events, cooking classes, yoga and meditation, nutritional independence classes for children, and collaboration with networks such as personal trainers, athletic instructors, and beauticians.

For me, the most special thing about Jesenia is her activism in the community. In response to this year’s pandemic, Jesenia worked with the Community Development Coalition (CDC) in Salem to provide lunches to the neediest people in her city.

She also donated her products to the youth center Plummer Youth Promise in Salem and to Sailing Heals, which provides food to essential employees. Jesenia never stopped working even though her store closed temporarily due to the pandemic.

Jesenia launched a website to enable online services, thus continuing to offer her products to clientele at home while her store was clozed. Her company also stood out this year with its campaign for body cleansing with its famous juices.

Every month Jesenia motivates groups of people to complete these cleansings together, with the support of a zoom group she helped create to combat loneliness during the quarantine.

Jesenia kept us connected from afar when we went through the toughest part of the pandemic when we didn’t know who would be directly affected by the virus or how we would deal with it.  It turned out to be our weekly meditation that became routine. In times of crisis, I learned how important this was to my mental health.

I’ve already completed three cleansings with Romeo’s Smoothies and Juices. The pounds keep disappearing and it is all thanks to the help of my friend Jesenia, The Empress of Natural Juices.

Individual Psychotherapy is most useful when engaging the mind, body and soul. We recommend talking to a counselor weekly, working on a fitness routine with a focus on nutrition and engaging in an ancient/indigenous healing practices. For more information, email [email protected]